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Smoking becomes easy when you do it with Emerald Lux E Cigs. With these E-cigarettes, you can get all the benefits of smoking without its harms. Whether you are a newcomer to smoking, a smoker who wants to shift from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes, or an E-cigarette smoker who wants to have more thrill, Emerald Lux E Cigs is worth checking out.

From Emerald Lux E Cigs, you can purchase starter kits, cartridges, and accessories. Starter kits come in two types: an atomizer kit and a cartomizer kit (a cartomizer contains an atomizer and a cartridge). Cartridges are used for carrying e-liquid and come in three types. You can even order refills which come in various flavors such as Tutti Frutti, Raspberry, Mango, Grape, and Hazelnut, among many others. They also come in various nicotine strengths. Accessories include batteries, USB chargers, home chargers, and car chargers.

Emerald Lux E-cigarettes do not contain the harmful ingredients in tobacco. They do not contain ash and tar and there are no bad odors associated with them. They can also be smoked in traditional "no-smoking" areas. You can even spend less money over time with e-cigarettes compared to regular cigarettes. The disadvantage is that e-cigarettes are not meant for children or for adults with asthma or other health risks (as said in the "Warning" below the homepage). They are not also meant for pregnant women to use.

What benefits can you get from Emerald Lux E cigs? First, you have a one year warranty for your starter kit. If there are manufacturer defects on your kit, you can have it repaired for free during the warranty period. You also get free shipping which takes place during the day you order the product. There is also a money back guarantee lasting for 14 days after you order the product. Finally, if you have questions, you can easily contact customer service through phone, e-mail, or snail mail.

Customer reactions emphasize the freedom they get from using Emerald Lux E-cigarettes. Because the vapor these E-cigarettes generate is harmless, they can be smoked anywhere. These customers also like the convenience of smoking even in the presence of other people, without bothering them with tobacco smoke. Finally, there are the health advantages.

Right now, there are two discount codes which can be used to purchase E-cigarettes and accessories from Emerald Lux: the code 'pr20', which leads to a discount of 20% on everything purchased, and the code 'prcart30', which leads to a discount of 30% on cartomizers. Products can be ordered directly from the website, with the prices shown there. Regardless of the prices, the savings you will get over time by smoking Emerald Lux E cigs compared to regular cigarettes is a striking reason to purchase.

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